June 1st, 2007


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hokay, so, i think i just came up with the most brilliant explanation of river ever.

now, stay with me on this one, folks... river is... a jedi.

well, not exactly. she's force-sensitive. it explains the being very good at everything she picked up when she was little, before the whole academy business.

suppose that the alliance has some vague knowlege of people with force powers. they refer to river as if she is not unique, simply the best of what they had.

now, when jedi train, they learn to expand their force powers, and tap more and more into force energy. what if at the academy, the tinkering they did with river's brain was to somehow open her mind up, like a valve, to be able to take in more of the force than she knew how to handle. there are numerous references in star wars novels to how when jedi have their powers removed in some way, they feel as if they are blind and deaf. now imagine you're born blind and deaf, you live for 15 years like that, and then suddenly you're able to see and hear. you'd have absolutely no idea how to handle something like that. there are a number of examples in star wars of people having force abilities artificially pushed on them, and the result is they go completely batshit insane. river's psychosis would have to do with her "hearing" everything going on around her, people's thoughts, feelings, events, etc. and not being able to tell anything apart or stop the flood of information.

river being force sensitive would explain her ridiculous fighting ability, as well as that being able to shoot with her eyes closed thing and knowing when danger is coming. those are all classic jedi abilities. also, "i can kill you with my brain"? force choke anyone?

i'm telling you guys, jedi is the most logical explanation for this whole thing. i would love to see a star wars/firefly crossover where river goes to train at luke's jedi academy. that would be freakin sweet.

and if she travels there through a stargate, wearing a corset and singing a "sweet transvestite" duet with patrick stewart, i would explode with delight from the all my fandoms combining into one, like some sort of captain planet made out of awesome, awesome, awesome, and more awesome.

Arizona Browncoats Present

CSTS 2007: Tempe Edition
Thursday, June 21 at the Harkins Centerpoint

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CSTS 2007: Tucson Edition
Saturday, June 23 at The Loft Cinema
Second Annual Joss Whedon Double Header with the Buffy Sing-Along

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IMPORTANT: Yes, Bookmans is sponsoring both screenings, BUT only Tempe tickets can be purchased at their stores. Tucson tickets must be purchased from the Loft box office, in person or by phone.

We are happy to welcome the crew of the acclaimed Slice of Sci-Fi podcast as hosts for both Arizona screenings this year.

Each screening will feature a MAJOR raffle and costume contest (Tucson's will be a Whedonverse one, Firefly/Serenity and Buffy/Angel welcome!), and the Tucson screening will once again be a Joss Whedon double header with the ever-popular Buffy Sing-Along.

Last year's Tucson screening sold out all 500 seats in the theater so we're urging folks to buy their tickets in advance. We're also urging early arrival as doors to the theater are set to open at 6 p.m.

20% of the overall proceeds from the individual screenings will be going to a local charity this year - GIFT in the Phoenix area and the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona in Tucson. See the Arizona Browncoats page for details.

Hope to see you there!