June 7th, 2007


Can't Stop the Serenity - Chicago


Are you thinking of sponsoring our charity event by becoming a Sponsor?  For just a few dollars more than what you will pay for tickets and t-shirts, you can become a Mercenary or Companion Sponsor!  Your name will be included on the "Thank You" page of our event program.

***** If you are thinking of becoming a sponsor, please act soon as we will be finalizing the booklet text by around June 12th. *****

  • Order the official CSTS Poster for $20.
Join us on Friday, June 22, at the Portage Theater in Chicago for a big-screen showing of "Serenity" and "Done the Impossible" at our Can't Stop the Serenity event to benefit Equality Now.
  • Advance Tickets are $12.50 [Will-call only] ($15 CASHY MONEY ONLY at the door)

    Advance tickets can be ordered until June 15th, midnight.

Please visit our website for all the details


Chicagoland Browncoats

PS: Feel free to forward this message to help spread the word!
  • wardy

Captain Tightpants

I have been invited to a wedding next year that will have a lot of moneyed individuals in attendance. My only "suit" cost less than fifty-quid and looks it.

Now this was irrelevant to this community until I watched "Shindig" again and thought that I would give a whole lot to be able to turn up in the kinda duds Mal wore to the party (His "Captain Tightpants" outfit)