June 9th, 2007

wendys, bacon, saw

Um... stupid question, but...

WTF do Jericho fans know about saving a show that FF fans didn't? Were they more persistant? Was it that CBS can be more easily influenced then Fox? Was it the 50,000 peanuts?


How did they manage to save Jericho when we couldn't save FF?

It's great for them, and I'm glad it got saved, it sounds like a cool show, but jeez, it annoys me that they got it saved and we couldn't get FF saved. I actually was interested in watching Jericho but I have honestly been gunshy because the past few years I've bet on the wrong horse and been sorely disapointed when they got canceled. Yes I'm refering to you Daybreak and Vanished! and the year before that it was Surface, Invasion and Threshold

I'm at the point where I wanna say screw it, I'm not nielson member, I won't watch until a show gets to season 3 and just rent the first two seasons off netflix. But of course that's a lie. I'llc ontinue to watch, continue to get disapointed...

sorry for the rant.