June 10th, 2007

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Austin's Can't Stop The Serenity Event - SOLD OUT!

Hi Friends,

I am sure most of you have heard about our worldwide effort to raise $100,000 for Equality Now - and getting to watch Serenity while doing such an amazing thing - never a bad idea!

I have been listing eBay items with proceeds going to Equality Now since May 23rd, concluding on June 23rd.

Keep watching our eBay listings here and

check out our website for further details!

How would you like to be the owner of a print of Kaylee from the Serenity Comic Book mini-series AUTOGRAPHED by Jo Chen, the artist, as well as Joss Whedon and Jewel Staite? Well, we can make that possible! Keep checking out our eBay auctions for new items that are original, autographed and perfect for a collector! Want to know how Austin was lucky enough to get our hands on one of these prints? Read me!

Also, ever heard of the original Firefly Promotional Crate sent to Fox Reps, Journalists and the like? Austin has one of the only complete crates left! We will auction that crate on eBay, as well!

Spread the Signal!
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Universal HD Channel Schedules Firefly and opens Firefly Fan Boards

Taken from News of the Verse and Fireflyfans.net

Universal HD Channel Schedules Firefly and opens Firefly Fan Boards

Firefly hits the television airwaves once again, this time on the Universal HD Channel.

Starting in July the Universal HD Channel is going to start airing Firefly again on Saturday nights but that's not all. They have also created a Firefly fan forum for Browncoats to "misbehave" in.

Universal Admins are asking opinions, responding to users, posting Firefly photo galleries, and otherwise supporting these forums in what appears to be an attempt by the studio to gauge the viability of possibly funding another Firefly or Serenity project.

Serenity is worth fighting for. Support Firefly and Serenity on the Universal HD Firefly Boards! http://boards.nbcuni.com/universalHD/index.php?showforum=4
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