June 15th, 2007


Firefly box sets for $9.99

As I'm sure a lot of you are well aware, Best Buy has ALL FOX TV DVDs on sale for $19.99 this week. Including Firefly.

Here's a little coupon I've found to make the deal a bit sweeter.


All you have to do is just print it out and take it to the store.

So for those of you who still haven't gotten the series yet or are looking to pick up some sets for use as gifts, now is your chance.

Of course, don't shy away from picking up any other series as well. Just be warned that you can only use one coupon at a time, so, go with some friends, or go multiple times if you're looking for more than one thing.
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Alright, I know. I said I'd post that Kaylee website thing and I never did. SOMEDAY, someday, children.

But, for now, I have part of my tech exam which was a three page website (rather than four) about an article of clothing. I can't upload all of it right now, but here's a little taste.

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