June 16th, 2007


Multi-Fandom Friending Meme!

if this isn't allowed, it's ok to delete it.

i've posted Multi-Fandom Friending Meme over at obsessions_r_us! fill out the answers as much or little; or as snarky or serious as you want, and meet new people. :D so feel free to plug and promote and pimp and spread the squee!

you don't have to be a member of the community to comment. it's for ANY fandom, as you'll see by my answers!

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Allupato has become a battleground...
On February 20th, the organization Chrysalis completed their takeover of the city. From the police station to local politics, their power is absolute. They've made no secret of their presence, at least to the populace; but thanks to an armed quarantine and a mysterious outage of all communication to the outside, the rest of the world is as of yet unaware of the situation.

The way Chrysalis explains it, they've been contracted to prevent the spread of a deadly virus that has broken out in Allupato. The symptoms include pale skin, sensitivity to the sun, reduced reaction to pain, overgrowth of hair, sensitivity to iron, and periods of increased aggression. They're got the locals tricked into thinking the monsters in the city have caught the disease, and once handed over to the Chrysalis Virus Containment Unit, they're never seen again. Even seemingly normal people have been detained for quarantine.

And despite the 'quarantine' around the city, more and more visitors arrive every night, then trapped inside the web and unable to leave. Every night, Chrysalis is out there, capturing more and more people. What will you do when they knock at your door?
Quaque Nocte is a supernatural-based Alternate Universe multifandom game. This means that you get to take your favorite characters from just about any sort of fandom and change them to fit the setting. You may make the character as 'alternate' as you please in this fashion, just as long as you keep them recognizable.

The world of Quaque Nocte is superficially similar to our own. It's the year 4024, but in recent times there's been a backslide when it comes to both fashion and technology. While the technology and indeed the general state of the world is as it is now, the people are far more supersitious and fearful of what they don't understand. It's much like the 1800s in both style of dress and general mannerisms, though of course many people choose to mix more modern fashion in with their ruffles and lace.

The game takes place in the large city of Allupato, located in southern Italy. It is a modern Italian city with all the typical features of a city its size; while Italian is of course the main language, more than half the residents also speak English in the interest of encouraging tourism. Of course, like any other city, Allupato has its fair share of supernatural occurrences. Some of the residents themselves can't claim to be human, and that's not even taking into account what some of the foreigners are really like...
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Locations in Allupato
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river tam costume

Firefly Promotional Crate - on eBay for Equality Now, Austin's CSTS

I am the Organizer for Austin, TX's Can't Stop The Serenity Event.

We are hosting a number of eBay and Silent Auctions for items that were donated to the cause.

(In case you are not familiar with Can't Stop The Serenity, please visit our global website:

A generous Browncoat donated one of the original Firefly Promotional Crates put together and sent to media, network execs and the like to raise awareness and "pimp" the (at the time) new show.

We were going to silent auction this item at our event - but decided that eBay would be a better option as long as the winning bidder is okay with paying via Google Checkout - no fees!

The crate comes with a number of things, all photographed.

Included in the crate: (the crate, itself, is an awesome item!)
- 2 Alliance Freeze Dried Food Items
- "Joss Whedon's Firefly" hat
- Firefly Shirt in a Large
- Firefly engraved Flask
- Leather wallet with Firefly on the front
- 2 promotional cast photo postcards
- Large promotional 'verse map
- Letter from Cap'n Mal
- Blueprints of numerous ship 'rooms'.
- Invitation to the Premiere of Firefly.

Check out our eBay auction for the crate:


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