June 23rd, 2007

river tam costume

eBay Auction Ending in Less Than 10 Hours for Firefly Crate!

Head to Austin's CSTS eBay

This auction is for a never used Firefly Promotional Crate in New Condition. These were originally put together and sent to media, network execs and the like to raise awareness and "pimp" the (at the time) new show, "Firefly." (If only the crates worked more magic!) This item is not one-of-a-kind, but it seems that finding a crate that is as complete as this one is a rarity. Most crates are missing items or damaged. As stated, crate is in new condition. Like our other auctions, all proceeds go to Equality Now - and if you'd like to make that contribution even bigger, make sure to contact us about alternative payment methods! Also, please email if interested in more detailed photos!

Auction ends in less than 10 hours! Bid, bid, bid!
fuck you, HP - Voldy

Jayne is a religion???

I just heard of an atheist on Wgnradio.com (listening to the station through comptuer)

For $10 he would goto church and report it... Winning bid was $504 and media picked it up.

He wrote a book "I sold my soul on ebay" Because that's how the media blew it out of porportion...

His original faith (till 14) was Jainism...

Couldn't help thinking of our favorite Merc.

I copied and pasted this for people:

Around 500 BC two other religions developed in India, namely, Buddhism and Jainism. Today only about 0.5% of Indians are Jains and about 0.7% are Buddhist. In ancient times Jainism and specially Buddhism were very popular in India. Indians who accepted Buddhist philosophy spread it not only within the Indian sub-continent but also to kingdoms east and south of India.