June 25th, 2007


Selling UK Serenity movie promo items

ok, hope its ok to post this here but i'd rather try here first than on ebay etc.

while clearing out my room to make some money on ebay etc (being a poor student) i found a load of the promo material giving out at the UK premiere of the Big Damn Movie. i got sent a big pack with all the goodies and clearly had alot left over that i'd forgotten i even had.

i wanted to try offering to sell them straight to fans here rather than just on ebay where they might be missed and then would mean i'd just throw them away if they don't find a good home to go to.

under the cut is details of what i have, how many and prices for sending etc so if you are interested send me an email with 'serenity promo set' as the subject. it'll be first come first served and i'll edit this post when i run out of certain sets of bits etc.

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Portland's CSTS Birthday Surprise

Shortly before this year's event, I received an email from jarrow, whom I'd seen all over the Buffy and Firefly communities, in which he said he was bringing his friend James, who was visiting from Australia, down from Seattle to the event as a surprise for his 21st birthday, and could we do something special for him?

I forwarded the email to our event coordinators, and they made the plans. Even I didn't know what exactly was going to happen. They came to Friday night's screening, and since my job that night was to monitor the theater, I was here in the audience when this went down. James was given a gift bag with a lovely Portland CSTS shirt -- it even says "STAFF" on the back.

I got to talk to James and his friends after the show, and they were pretty excited and happy. I mentioned that I remembered jarrow from his feedback on a fic I wrote a couple years ago. It was great to meet him, and to make James' day extra special. I hope we get to see them again someday at another event.