June 28th, 2007

me and mine

Any "The Riches" fans out there?

So there's this awesome show that was on FX for a few months called "The Riches" that my roommate and I were obsessed with. One of the main character's on the show, Hugh, seemed really familiar to both of us, but we could figure out who he was.

I had a feeling he had a cameo role on Firefly, so I went back and rewatched "The Train Job", and sure enough, there he was! He played Sheriff Bourne.

I love seeing former Firefly cast members in other shows =)
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Firefly and Serenity in space!

I don't think this has been posted, and if it has please forgive me!

I came across THIS article about Firefly and Serenity being aboard the Space Station.

"Swanny" got the other astronauts addicted to Firefly while they were all in quarantine for five hours before the shuttle Atlantis launched earlier this month.

Very cool!