July 26th, 2007

Almost Famous

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Hey there everybody. I'm a new fan of Firefly. Actually, that's not quite accurate. I've never seen an episode of Firefly, but I just watched Serenity, and I have to say that it's easily one of the best science fiction, action, or hell, even comedy movies I've ever seen. If the show is anything like the movie, I'm a guaranteed fan. I thought it was well written, nicely paced, and funnier than any Will Ferrell movie I've seen to date. I'll definitely be checking out the series sometime soon. But that isn't the reason I came here. I have a question to ask you all. Why is it that the characters randomly break out into Japanese (or Korean or whatever it is)? It seemed like the oddest thing and completely threw me off every time. I felt as if I were missing a big part of the plot whenever I couldn't understand them. Can anyone fill me in?
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