August 9th, 2007


Have you heard of is a place where anyone can post random news, on anything from President Bush's policies to Paris Hilton. It's been getting popular since its launch this past May by Guy Kawasaki. A few days ago, being the fangirl that I am, I decided to post a truemor about the collector's edition of "Serenity" being ranked #57 on Read it here. I checked back yesterday, and someone from the site added the picture of Nathan Fillion. And now, someone from the site also added the text in blue. ("Since this posting on Truemors, Serenity has rocketed up to #37. Coincidence? I think not.") Whee, this makes me more excited, *hoping* that I might have converted a Browncoat or two, or at least just let people who don't visit several times a day know about the DVD, and I love all the buzz going on from and from Serenitystuff . :) I wish that I had written a better description of the movie or something, though. Oh, well, I'm sure that someone *cough cough me* will post a truemor once the DVD gets ranked higher.

Oh, and if you guys could click on the "interested" box for me, the number will go up, and that might make more people read it, too!

Just doing what I can to spread the Firefly/Serenity love :)
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stripping amygdala

My understanding of neuroscience is extremely limited. However it appears from this wikipedia article that for River to have the symptoms that she had in Firefly (increased retention of information, increased emotional response) the Alliance would need to make the amygdala larger in some way. Not strip it.

Does anyone else have a better understanding of neuroscience or the amygdala and can explain why they might want to strip it and if it actually has an outer coating that can be stripped?