August 30th, 2007


Firefly Holidays ficathon

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Fics must be at least 100 words, you can claim as many prompts as you think you can write, multiple claims of the same prompt allowed. Just leave a comment to this post with the prompts you would like to claim.

Claiming of Prompts is open until September 2nd. Fics will be due by September 30th.

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So, I'm going to start working on my River costume for next year's Comic-Con, but I'm having trouble deciding which of her outfits I should go in. The one from the movie seems the most obvious, as that is the one we see her in for the longest (the blue dress with combat boots), but I thought about it, and it's really a very simple outfit. Seeing as I only look somewhat like River, I'm not sure it will really be that recognizable unless I can convince some of my friends to go as other characters. Do you think I should go as movie-River, or perhaps choose another outfit? Which outfit would you say stands out the most, and is most recognizable?