September 1st, 2007

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Has anyone seen the tv commercial for Halo 3 yet?

I saw it last night, and I swear the voice narrating was Nathan. Has anyone else seen it? Do you agree or am I just being an obsessed fangirl? *g*

Also, just as an aside, when I saw the commercial for the new Bioshock game and saw the sinking man wearing a vest and white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, the very first thing that came to my head was Simon. So maybe I am being an obsessed fangirl. *rolls eyes*
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If this isn't allowed here, please delete it.

Anyone interested in LJ RP?

leakylittleboat went belly up a couple years ago after only a little while playing. Its leaders were inexperienced and now we return, more experienced and willing to try again!

If you're interested we need everyone but Zoe, Kaylee, and maybe River-- if you REALLY want to play River you can. That's including miscellaneous non-crew (Badger, Monty, YoSaffBridge, etc!)

It's set pre-movie, so we need Wash and Book, too.

leakylittleboat. Check it out! If you're interested, instructions on how to go about applying are in the userinfo.

The journal itself (and our character journals) are undergoing a visual revamp over the next day or two.