September 3rd, 2007

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Hello all,

Might anyone have any information on possible other Firefly conventions slated for 2008 and beyond? Unfortunatly I won't be able to make it to the one in Burbank, CA next month as I'll be going to another convention. Any help/links would be awesomely appreciated!
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*peeks in* Hello thar!

Hi all, new here, hope I'm not interrupting. onewavebreaks invited me over and thought my fellow firefly fans might be interested in a little story I have going. It's not a fic, exactly, and might not be up your alley at all.

Basically it's a Firefly story done with the Sims 2. If this isn't something ya'll might enjoy, I'll happily forget I ever mentioned it and hope ya'll will too lol. Anyway, if you'd like to take a peek, it's starring Jayne (the rest of the crew hasn't shown up yet but will) and the first two chapters are located at my Sims journal fae_sims. If you like it let me know and feel free to friend the journal for future updates (working on part three right now).

Concrit is welcome, but do realize I'm working a story based around the free-will actions of an animated Jayne Cobb, so I do what I can with what the Sim gives me. If there seems to be interest from this comm, if it's not against any rules (and I didn't see any but still) then I'd also be glad to post future updates here in the comm.

*blushes and shuffles feet* So anyway...they said you'd probably like it. It's okay if you don't.
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Interview with Browncoat Ball Chair: Matt Black

Hi Space Western Fans,

To follow up last week's announcement that there were only two weeks left to register for the Browncoat Ball, this week we bring you and interview with the 2007 Browncoat Ball Chair: Matt Black.

In other "Space Western" News: Ridley Scott announced this week at the Times Online that Sci-Fi films are as dead as Westerns... If only he would have told us that six months ago!

N.E. Lilly