September 16th, 2007

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Firefly Fanfics :)

Hi guys:

I'm fed up with So, to foster a more specialized site, catering to specific fandoms, I opened up a brand new site at running eFiction 3.3, and began uploading my stories there. As I was doing so, I realized that others could sign up and use the site, too. It seemed like such a waste to put up such a robust application and not put it to good use. So, I'm offering free hosting to any authors out there who've become disenchanted with and want someplace else that has about the same kind of format, but without the drawbacks.

The site itself is sitting on a high-speed connection with multiple failovers in case one goes down, so I'm not worried about network issues unless a major backbone point bites it. I pledge not to use your written works for any promotional purposes (unless it's nominated as a 'featured story' by the other writers and signed off as okay by the originating author). I'm also pledging that it will be ad-free forever. I just want to populate it with as much fanfic as possible. If you decide to register, make sure to check your bulk mail folder, because mails from the site seem to get marked as spam easily.

What I envision is simply a site where Firefly fanfic authors and readers can get together and write, read, enjoy the company and maybe put forth a few challenges. I'm looking for some people to help administrate the Firefly fics and create challenge ideas, maybe. It really depends on how many people would use it. :)

Thanks and I hope to see you guys there! :)

For those who like or write Star Trek, Buffyverse, and West Wing fanfics, there are categories over there for them, too.
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