September 17th, 2007


serenity design

I'm creating a t-shirt design for a club function at my school.  It's a space-cowboy theme (hooray!) and I'd like to use the "Serenity" logo:

Does anyone know where I can get the background image alone, without "Serenity" across it?


So last christmas the firefly entire series on dvd is on sale at Target. My wife goes there, it's sold out so they gave her a rain check. Come Xmas morning I open a tin with the the rain check and a gift card equal to the amount of the rain check. Cool. So I go target, buy it along with some other items...

...and a few days later I go to break it open and pop it in the dvd player...

..and it's gone. Wtf? I know I bought it. I remember going to the store. I did buy it. right? I'm sure I bought it. But where is it? So periodically I think about it and wonder... am I mad Did I really buy it? and lose it? or misplace it? or am I spazzing out and I only *think* I bought it? But then what happened to the rain check?

And so it goes for 9 months. Yeah, yeah a true brown coat would've gone out and bought another copy. Yeah well they aren't married to my wife, who would've bitched a storm and a half if I lost it and replaced it. and if I replaced it and then it surfaced I'd hear it even worse. And so this goes on for 9 months...

I played a game called Magic: tg when I was in college, played with some HS friends and a few guys from work but eventually that whole crowd just... fell away... some moved, some got married and got a life, some just fell off the face of the earth and bceame scarce. With no one to play with I couldn't justify buying any more cards, and finally I sold all my cards escept for a few of my favorites. Cut to this August when I realize my 8 year old son loves pokemon and Yugi-oh and is always begging to play the game, only he doesn't know the rules so the rules are whatever he says the rules are...

Finally I say nuts to this. Lemme break out my magic cards. I know how it's played, and we'll have fun. Only I can't find them. Look hi. Look low. Nowhere to be found. I go on a cruise so I buy some starter decks and we play on the cruise and he takes right to it. I come home and decide I'm gonna tear the house apart and find my cards. I do that and find zip nada zero. So I go the garage cause we have boxes of beanie babies and other --ahem-- "collectables"

I decide the garage is a mess, there's crap everywhere so I decide the whole thing needs to be organized (I have OCD) So I tear the place down, build it back up... and I come across a bag of xmas lights. Xmas li8ghts bought in a post xmas sale at Target... and guess what was in that bag of Xmas lights bought at a post Xmas sale at Target? (beside Xmas lights, duh!)

Yep. Firefly the entire series.

Turns out when I bnought the xmas lights I never took the dvd oput and just shoved the xmas lights in the garage... Didn'[t find my magic cards, but the garage is the best looking it's been since we moved in. And I found Firefly.

Life is good.
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