September 25th, 2007

Mine is an evil laugh...

At Dragon*Con this year, noelleleithe and her sis did a huge favor for dedoc and me, by rescuing us from a very large and angry mob trying to get into the Hilton. Seriously, it was getting powerful ugly out there.

So she mentioned wanting to borrow my Firefly?Serenity sets as a thank-you. We did her one better and sent her both as gifts.

She wagged her finger at us for doing so.

She'll cope, I think. :>

Custom made Browncoats

Hey all,

So for the longest time, my friend has been wanting a Mal coat. He couldn't afford the licensed leather version, of course, so my wife said she would try and make one for him. She searched and searched and of course couldn't find an accurate pattern, so she ended up making her own pattern, and through trial and error she was able to deliver his Browncoat to him for his birthday this week.
On the day that she finished it, we found Space City Costumes coat and she said if she had known about that, she would have just told him to buy it there. It's amazing, really. It looks like they came up with the same pattern independently. The fabric looks identical (faux suede) and the color matches. The only difference is in the buckles. She went with a simpler D-ring method, which can be removed w/o much work if you can find more authentic Mal buckles.

The pics below don't do the coat justice. Ask heartlessanbu and he will tell you the number of compliments he received yesterday in the bookstore.

Both he and I are sure she could sell these to enthusiastic Browncoats, but she isn't sure. She said she would need to sell them for ~$125 to cover her expenses and time. We pointed out that they were charging $90 more for the same thing and seemed to be in business.

This version was w/o a flash. To get a better idea of the color, look at the Space City coat. It really is close to Mal's mahogany color.

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