September 28th, 2007

Wash (Alan Tudyk) in Melbourne 13-14 Oct

Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly) will be attending Armageddon Expo in Melbourne on 13-14 October

The local Browncoats are having a booth there, selling merchandise and an auction to raise funds for MND Victoria (Motor Neurone Disease). Items will include official and locally produced merchandise, such as books, t-shirts, bags etc. For the auction, we have a whole bunch of autographed items.

Also featuring at the event are:
Joe Flanagan - Stargate: Atlantis
Connor Trinneer - Star Trek Enterprise/Stargate Atlantis
Monique Brumby (singer)
Ray Park – Darth Maul (Star Wars) & the Toad (X-Men)
Chris Rankin – Percy Weasly in Harry Potter Films
Billy West – Futurama

It'll be a fun event, so please pass this onto your friends
Sandra Bullock

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Hello everyone. :)

I was looking for a very specific Wash/Alan pic, presumably a behind the scenes photo of him, where he is in his jumpsuit, there's a ship in ruins behind, and he's wearing sunglasses, and looking particularily badass.

Can anyone point me to a reasonably big version of it?

It would be this one.