October 8th, 2007


I'm on Amazon!

Hey all ... I have a request to make. My QMx / Blue Sun travel posters are now for sale on Amazon.com (woot!). Would you mind taking a few minutes to check out the page (http://tinyurl.com/2vjoot) and leave a review? Also, about halfway down the page there's a place where you can add tags to the product, and validate tags that are already there. Apparently the relevance of those tags is tied to the prominence the posters get on the site. If you could check the boxes and add any tags that you think are relevant, I'd be much obliged!
say ooo!

(no subject)

Hey guys,
I was wondering if you knew of any Firefly related get-togethers in Northern California. Any information on conventions Joss Whedon related in general, for that matter, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


Can someone please give me a link...?

I have been looking all over the gorram place for it, and it eludes me. I'm looking for the system map of the Serenity solar system. It's the one that has pictures/photos of each planet and moon, in little squares all over the place.

If you link this to me I'll be grateful, because for whatever reason I lost the url, and I can't seem to refind it on google.

Many thanks in advance and long live terraformers!