October 9th, 2007


Fox Cancels Buffy and Firefly Screenings

[info]melissa_mifeng runs ran the monthly Buffy and Firefly screenings at the Parkway Theater in Oakland. She just sent us this e-mail:
I am so so very sad, and SO VERY ANGRY.

I just got this letter from Will Viharo, the fantastic manager over at the Parkway and the El Cerrito-
I'll keep you all up to date on any changes:


I can't believe this but Criterion just contacted me and informed me Fox has abruptly cancelled all TV theatrical exhibition of these shows due to their greed and ignorance, even though they were officially licensed via Criterion.

So this means all future shows, including the Halloween shows, have been axed, rudely and with short notice.

Please spread the word and tell the fans to COMPLAIN TO FOX!!!

thanks, Will

Will Viharo
Speakeasy Theaters
No word if this includes the growing Once More With Feeling movement, but in all likelihood it does. What on earth could the motivation for this be?