October 13th, 2007

Julie Alan

Going to Starfury or the Browncoat Cruise? (xposted)

I'm going on the cruise! :) I'm really excited - it's going to be a great time!

I'm still gathering funds to pay for it, though, and I have some shiny stuff you guys might be interested in. All in Browncoat colors... take a look:

A nice, heavy men's/women's "Leaf in the Wind" choker. Made from jasper, jet, malachite, and bone beads, with an iridescent brown/green/gold/rust streaked stone leaf. I'm hard pressed to give this one up - the leaf stone on it is gorgeous. :)

A lighter "Leaf in the Wind" choker that women might prefer, because it's lighter weight. Nice Browncoat hues, made from bone and glass beads, with an iridescent brown/olive/gold streaked stone leaf. Guys would like it just because it's cool. :)

A Convention ID Beaded Lanyard, again in Browncoat colors of green, gold, brown, and rust. I have a few of these, but only one up right now. I'll put more of them up this weekend.
Sandra Bullock

(no subject)

Attention to Belgian/French/Duth people who are going to the FACTS in Ghent, Belgium this very weekend; I managed to buy the Serenity ship ornament for €15. It's the booth right across to the signatures stand in the main hall and it was a special promotion.

Someone else (presumably British, I believe), sells a Firefly Tee, a fruity oaty bars and official serenity Tee for €26.95.

So, if you're headed there, look for it. Didn't find anything else, though.