October 15th, 2007


"Wavecards" on Amazon

Thanks to everyone who went over to Amazon to rate and comment on my travel posters last week. They've got a ton of reviews now, which is fantastic!

QMx has just put up a couple of new products as well, including the Blue Sun Travel Wavecards, which are postcard versions of the travel posters.

They've also got the Serenity bank heist money, and for BSG fans, personalized BSG dog tags. If you wouldn't mind taking a few minutes to give them some love, I'd be much obliged!
Robin 11

New Firefly Variations Community: 10albatrosses

I just wanted to let you guys know about a new community I have made:


Its basically like 10variations and 10chevrons but solely for Firefly, Serenity and the Firefly graphic novel!!!

The Challenge:
The aim of this challenge is to choose one image, and then use that image to make 10 different icons. This community is here for you to claim your pics, post your completed icon sets and be added to the hall of fame.

It is based upon 10variations, with the main difference that all of the claims in this community must be related to Firefly (the tv show, the movie, or the graphic novel.)

Everyone is welcome!!!!!!

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Hi. I just joined this community and I'll probably be posting a few icons that I've made, sometime in the near future. I only started watching Firefly and Serenity last week (zomg.), but I've really, really, really, really gotten into it. It's brilliant and I have NO idea why it was ever cancelled because it is awesomeness. Well, aside from Fox being Fox. Anyway, I was wondering if I was allowed to post about my little cafepress shop. I'm trying to save up some money and so I made a couple of Firefly T-Shirt designs that are in the shop. I'll probably be changing the designs each week (so I guess they're limited edition?). Hmmm. Anyway, here it is:
There are only three t-shirts at the moment, but as I said they'll change. Thanks.