October 17th, 2007


A few more spots just opened on the Browncoat Cruise

From the Browncoat Cruise Web site:
It looks like Carnival has managed to open up a few more cabins for us. So if you missed your opportunity to join us for Browncoat Cruise, now is your last chance.

There is one catch, they can't hold the rooms for us for much longer, so please contact us immediately and let us know if you are interested.

Also, the price is a bit more that it was earlier this year, because we have to pay the current rate.

We don't have our store updated with the new prices, but prices will range between $920 and $1399 per person depending on the room type you choose.

So please help us get back into the black and snatch up these few cabins while they are still available. Please email if you are interested and we will get you on the list, and arrange payment right away.