October 19th, 2007

Update: Wave Cards on Sale!

This just in:

Up till now, the wave-card campaign has been strictly fan-generated, but Andy over at QMx has just announced that the wave-cards are going on sale. Think of this as getting several cards for free!

Andy writes: "We are so thrilled that the Browncoat community has decided to use our humble cards as the vessel of this critical message, we've decided to reduce the price of the Wavecards by $5 a set until the campaign is complete, so as to make it just a little bit more affordable for folks who want to use these to do good works. You can go right now, this minute, to our listing on Amazon.

The price should also change on our website by tomorrow morning.

Thanks again. And let's see if we can make that sequel happen!"

For those of you wondering what to write on your cards to Universal, Companion Kate (who cooked up this idea in the first place) suggests this article. It's about how to write to a TV network, but I think some of these ideas apply:


Ultimately, be polite, be kind, and be articulate.

And remember, the sequel is worth fighting for.