October 21st, 2007

Wavecard Address Update

Okay, folks, we have an update on the address to send the wavecards to for the Wavecards for a Sequel Camapaign:

Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

In other words, just send them to Universal, without worrying about adding an Attn line.

Just a reminder, the Blue Sun Travel Wavecards are on sale at a discount from QMx:


And finally, let's remember why we're doing this:

First off, timing. We know Universal is on the verge of greenlighting the Big Damn Sequel.

Second off, Universal Licensed Products. In the film industry, money talks, so by sending these wavecards, which are official licensed products, we're putting money in Universal's pocket and underscoring the potential for lots more profit.

Third, this time, we're all behind it. Only you can make sure that we do the impossible—again. When all the Browncoats stand united, there's not a power in the 'Verse that can stop us.

Fourth, it's fun! A lot of Browncoat groups are getting together to throw card-writing Shindigs! Get together with your crew to make this a blast!

Let's make it happen, folks,

FF River listening

New Firefly Community

In the last couple months someone brought up an idea for a Firefly re-watch community. One started, but has since been deleted. So I started my own. I promise it won't be deleted by me (I have no control over what LJ does). So, I invite one and all to check out the freshly begun firefly_relight.

Cross posted all over the LJ-verse. Feel free to invite your friends.

Mods, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.