October 22nd, 2007


Brown(coat) Zunes on sale

How can you watch Firefly on the fly? With a fetching 30 gig Zune in Browncoat brown, available today at Woot.com for only $79.99 + $5 shipping. And if you've already bought one from them, you can get $20 off any Woot site with the code "BROWNNOSE".

I bought one last week, should be here any day now, we just bought a second one this morning for my husband. These are first-generation Zunes, but from what I've seen when gen 2 releases next month they'll have firmware upgrades available to add the new features to the older model.

Disclaimer: My family and I don't work for Woot or Microsoft, just a customer eagerly looking forward to my new Brown(coat) toy.