October 31st, 2007

Julie Greg

Greg Edmonson, composer of "Firefly" score, with new music! (xposted)

I gave Greg Edmonson a call the other day to catch up, and he told me of some great news. :) He's finished with his latest project! He'd told me a little about it earlier in the year, but now that it's done and ready for the public I can let the news out. *grin*

Greg has finished his musical project for Sony games... Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. It will be released November 20th, 2007 (that's gorramn soon). He wrote the music for it, of course. He said that they were great folks to work with, that they gave him a lot of leeway with the sound of the score. At the link above you can get to the trailer for the game, and listening to it... yep, you can hear Greg in there. :)

So get the word out, Browncoats - iffen you're a Greg Edmonson fan, check out Uncharted: Drake's Fortune!

Here's a link to an interview with Naughty Dog where they talk about working with Greg. Here's a snippet: The music in Uncharted was entirely composed by this guy named Greg Edmonson who also did all of the composition for the music in Firefly the series and we're all really big fans of that series and something that really stood out for us was the music and the really eclectic international wide variety of instrumentation that he used.

Enjoy! :)