November 4th, 2007

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Chinese cowboy pop/rock/rap

So I thought that there've been a couple of posts in the verse featuring bluegrass music with a little Chinese, so I thought people might want to check out Mandarin music inspired by cowboys.

This is actually one of the more recent singles from a huge Taiwanese pop star(actor/director/composer/model/corporate spokesperson), Jay Chou, called "the cowboy on the run" apparently. (The title is "牛仔很忙" niuzai hen mang, which could more literally translate as "the cowboy is [very] busy")

I personally find it sort of ridiculous but very amusing, pretty much in a Fruity Oaty Bar sort of way. I really don't understand the majority of the lyrics other than some explanation of why he chooses to drink milk rather than beer. (Not mudder's milk btw) He's sort of a resident badass of Taiwanese music so I'm not really clear why this happened (Ang Lee directing Brokeback Mountain?), though there actually does seem to be a weirdly thriving misconception of American cowboys there, but it's pretty popular nevertheless (including Old West themed hotel resorts).

I'm not sure if the guy's whole album is going to be country themed. It just came out a couple of days ago so I never got the chance to pick it up. (Anyone willing to try ordering online could try YesAsia though)
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Serenity Theme Park Ride

after watching this on youtube i was thinking about a few Universal Pictures Films, that would definitely deserve their own Theme Park Ride.
And - guess what - i was thinking about a SERENITY Ride. How cool would that be??

They could make it like StarTours in Disneyland with a video especially written and directed by Joss.
Of course it would have to last for at least 45min and it should feature a funny dinner scene with the whole crew at Serenity's kitchen :D

and of course there sould be a Serenity gift shop where everybody could buy Jayne 's cap. or a real life Jaynestown statue ;)
A Real Life Serenity where you can walk into and look around would be totally awesome.

what you think?
there probably won't ever be a ride like this in the Universal Studios, but just imagine.
what would you wish for?
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I recently attended Collectormania 12, which had Jewel as a guest. I've written a brief report and posted a lot of photos over at my LJ.

To see the photos, simply Click Here. Please leave any comments over in my orignal post, thanks!