November 6th, 2007

Browncoat meetpoint at LosCon -- Southern California fans

For the first time since 2004, there will not be any official Firefly programming at LosCon. This greatly vexes me, as I have been one of the major proponents not just for Firefly programming, but for inclusion of SF media programming in general.

This year, however, the con programming chair thought otherwise.

But all is not lost! We have been offered meeting space on Saturday, Nov. 24 from 1-2 pm in order to hold an informal discussion about why Firefly fandom is still going strong. It will be hosted by myself, dedoc (possibly known to some of you as Doc Jubal from the 76th Battalion) and my fellow So Cal Browncoat, brianrubin

Please, if you are in the Southern California area over Thanksgiving weekend and are free on Saturday, come on by the LAX Marriott and join us! You must have a day pass for the con to attend the panel. More info can be found by following the LosCon link.

Help us show that not only do fans want Firefly, but media programming in general!

More developments as they develop.
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