November 17th, 2007

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Inara Fan Art?

Hey, guys! I'm helping run the newsletter this year at Arisia, and we're trying something different. We're running a love advice column, supposedly written by Inara. I'd really like to have a depiction of Inara to put next to the column, if possible. Anyone want to submit some fan art to be published? I'll mail you copies of the newsletter, if you want, and you'll have your name in print (as well as on our website when we put up the pdfs of the newsletter after the convention's over) ... :)

You can send art (or further inquiries) to publications (at) arisia (dot) org, if you're interested. We're formatting the newsletter soon, though, so sometime before Dec 1st would be best. Needs to be black-and-white, since most of our issues are not in color.
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new fans

Thanks all for the warm welcome :)

After weeks of cajoling, I finally got my brother and his girlfriend to watch Firefly.  I don't think she liked it very much, but he did.  Woo for new fans!

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Non-Judgment Day is coming

Naked Pictures of Mal


Does anyone know where I can find screen caps from "Trash?"

It is probably about my favorite episode.

And of course, it includes naked pictures of Mal.

Not that I am desperatly wanting any and all naked pics I can find of him!