November 25th, 2007


A new fan!


I've been telling my BF about Firefly for ages...FINALLY was able to pop in the first DVD of the series yesterday and have him watch the very first episode. He's hooked!! He said it was awesome.

All I can do is sit back and think, "Told ya so."

So now I have the pleasure of watching the whole series and the film all over again with him. Shiny!!!
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LosCon Firefly panel report

I am extremely pleased to report that, with no mention in the pocket program, we
got about 30 people attending the Firefly panel at LosCon this year,

In what amounted to a conference room designed to seat about 12.

I would first off like to thank brianrubin, who majorly stepped up to the plate and manned
the SoCal Browncoat table, which seemed to get a great deal of traffic, as well
as for massively pimping the panel.

And to dedoc, who represented for the 76th Battalion and hosted the panel with brianrubin and myself. And for the shiny flyers!

Also to danregal and Lynn of the SoCal Browncoats, who sent along with brianrubin a terrific set-up so that we had an extremely shiny-lookin' fantable.

And finally, to any of you who made it to the panel, thanks so much!

I have been assured that there will be a better balance of media/lit/science at next year's LosCon. And I intend to hammer away at that because that is how we keep not only Firefly fandom vital, but SF fandom as a whole.

Yeah, OK, I didn't pull off an entire con, I admit that. :>

But with help, I made the point I set out to make -- that Firefly fandom isn't going away. And neither is media fandom.

Stay tuned for bigger, better and shinier things for next year!

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The Godfather: Marlon Brando


I have a bunch of friends who are really into this series and I always meant to give the show a chance. So, I finally borrowed it from a friend of mine and plan on starting it tomorrow. Yes, I kind of joined this community prematurely seeing as I haven't even seen an episode yet but I have high hopes for this show and I thought it would be convenient to discuss certain episodes with you, as I watch them.

Anyway, hello! Just wanted to give a quick post.

Multi-Fandom Friending Meme!!

i've posted a Multi-Fandom Friending Meme over at obsessions_r_us! fill out the answers as much or little; or as snarky or serious as you want, and meet new people. :D so feel free to plug and promote and pimp and spread the squee!

you don't have to be a member of the community to comment. it's for ANY fandom, as you'll see by my answers. just, erm, watch out for the Jensen-effect over there...

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