December 17th, 2007


SciFi Channel

Last night, the SciFi channel was airing the series in order, beginning with the Pilot. Cool! One of my favorite lines in the train heist episode, from Malcolm, of course:

"We're not thieves. Well, we ARE thieves,but..."

You know the rest.
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Singing and marching on the Mutant Enemy Day picket line...

Well, we sang Firefilk songs on the picket line and it went well!  Smiley  Although, lemme tell ya... singing and walking and picketing all at the same time is mighty tiring.  Cedric (of the Bedlam Bards) and I had our hands full.  (Hawke and Joyce were both back at the hotel, being ill, poor Browncoats.)  We found that the short one I wrote, based on the Firefly theme song, worked better in general because it was shorter and easier for those around us who were singing along to remember.  But we did both of them, and Cedric also did "Freedom Costs" - a march song he wrote for the 76th Battalion, I believe.

Anyhow, I've fiddled with both recordings a little, so that they sound a bit better.  I wish we'd been able to get a recording of a group sing, but unfortunately, we didn't.  Sad

Here's the ME Day Theme:

And the collaborative "Heroes of the Writers Strike" by B!x, Cedric, and CA Bridges:

The recording is one of Cedric singing it, which he recorded on his way to LA, in a hotel room.

When I gave a copy of the lyrics to Ben Edlund (who wrote the episode "Jaynestown" and the song "The Hero of Canton") he thought it was really neat. :) Tim Minear, who was standing nearby, nudged Ben and said in a low, joking voice, "Hey, you should sue 'em!" To which B!x said, "Well, if you decide to sue, remind me to not tell you which verse I wrote..."

Both of them are, of course, also uploaded to Can't Take the Sky Radio, a 24-hr Browncoat radio station at Live365.  (It works best with Explorer, btw.)

Mutant Enemy Day photos

Catching up on everything that's been going on since I got back from the Browncoat Cruise...

I'm really surprised no one posted anything about Mutant Enemy Day here in the community!  I mean, whoah.  There were 400 of us who showed up to march on the picket line with Joss and company.

Well, if you'd like to see my pics from the day, they're at this link:

The photo pool for Mutant Enemy Day in general (from lots of people) is here: