December 30th, 2007

TVD // Caroline sunlight

54 Firefly/Serenity icons

*emerges* Hello all, new person here.

So, I'm new to Firefly but not to Serenity. I gather that has some sort of sense.
I watched Serenity months ago and back when I stopped flailing at the shiny I realized I just had to watch Firefly.
I got the DVDs for Christmas, so there: new to Firefly but not Serenity. ;)

15 Kaylee
9 River
8 Misc
4 Jayne
4 Mal
3 Wash
2 Simon

 28. 46.

( What'd y'all order a dead guy for? ) <-- fake cut to my journal

Want? Take it. Credit moodymuse19 and don't hotlink.

*hugs shiny new fandom*

I just noticed I left the preacher out. Poor Book, we love him so. I think I'm gonna go cap the Hair Letdown Scene. *pets River*