January 18th, 2008

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Firefly Vid!

Song: "If I Apologise" from the Mirrormask
Fandom: Firefly (a bit of Serenity)
Pairing/Characters: Mal/Simon
Warnings: Slash undertones and Au
Summary: Mal tells Simon that Kaylee is dead. We see Mal and Simon relationship progress and detiroate, after Mal allows Simon (and River) to stay. Did Kaylee really die? What will Simon find when he reaches the infirmary?

Watch or Download here @ ilovedrwilson

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i mentioned here before i think about some promo bits i had for sale and many people jumped at the chance to get bits and as it happens i have a few bits left over so i thought i'd check here again before advertising on ebay

i have 6 sets of promo postcards of the Serenity movie.

each set has 5 cards with a character bio on each, the characters are Mal, Jayne, Zoe, River and Inara.

email me if you are interested at sisterspookylh@hotmail.com

i'm gonna sell them at £2.00 each and postage varies depending on where you are etc so when you email elt me know how many of the sets you want and your address so i can work out postage for you.

first come first serve

i'll edit this post once they are all gone.

paypal only as it's fast and everyone can use it hopefully

pic under cut and feel free to ask questions!!

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Ian Pretty

Just a few pics


Back in December I started this advent calendar thing, where I'd post a daily picspam about stuff that I like: TV shows, actors, movies etc. Unfortunately some real life stuff caused some delays which means I'm still filling in some blanks.

I just updated 20th December, a date that might give some of you a hint who/ what will be featured then.

Follow the link if I made you curious!

Hope you enjoy it!