January 25th, 2008



I was on the MSN home page today www.msn.com and one of the links in the entertainment section is... Watch the pilot episode of "Firefly"! YAY!
You can watch a bunch of episodes online. For free. Maybe more fans will come about because of this? Maybe not. But still... Another way to watch Firefly!
Emilie de Ravin
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RPG ad!

If this isn't allowed, I'll be sure to take it down. Just let me know.

Why am I posting this ad here? Well, I play Simon there, and he'd like some crewmates! He's going a bit batty. XD;

Edit: We also acquired a River and a Kaylee reserve. >3

Rules to know -->
The story in depth -->
Survival information -->
Taken characters -->
Reserve a character -->
Wanted characters -->
Where and how to apply -->
Dropping a character -->
outbreak_rpg -->

Zombies are everywhere. One year ago, there was an outbreak of the virus on Earth,
rendering almost everyone the shambling undead. Almost. Those that are left are
stripped of all supernatural powers, if they had any, and must try to survive
alongside the remaining humans.

A mysterious corporation. People that barely know each other, and some from
places distinctly not Earth - but without any memory of how they got here.
And one abandoned prison: the compound the living people flock to.
All that's left... is survival.

Hey there, fellow Browncoats!

Hello all!
I found this community a few days ago, and got SUPER excited! (Already have a new icon, and everything! Thanks moodymuse19!) Glad to see there are other Browncoats out there on Livejournal.

Here's my story of how I came to love Firefly the way I do.
Last summer, when I was home from school, my dad was watching an episode of Firefly on dvd. I asked him what it was, and he was like 'You remember that awesome movie Serenity? This is the show it came from!' and I said '...What movie Serenity?' Long story short, my dad swore that we had watched Serenity together at some point in the past (definitely didn't happen) but I sat down and started watching with him anyway, and here I am now!

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say hi (read: stop being a creepy lurker). So... hi!