January 31st, 2008

Welcome to the Wasteland

The wasteland has been released upon the world... and thus far, we've accrued over half-a-million views.

Lady Wasteland - A post apocalyptic webisode series, developed by Wasteland Films LLC has completed the release of their seven pilot episodes which can now be viewed online at www.ladywasteland.com

This will be the first interactive journal of Lady Wasteland, which will be managed by Director Mark Roush.


Lady Wasteland - Episode seven of seven pilot episodes released Friday, Jan 10th.
Portland, OR – January 10th, 2008 – Episode Seven of the Lady Wasteland pilot series – The First, goes live this Friday morning at 12:01am PST.

Episode 7: The First – After several years of hunting, Lady comes across the first of seven murderers who killed her best friend.

Lady Wasteland has received front-page placement on many popular video sharing sites such as Veoh.com, Revver.com, Dailymotion.com, Metacafe.com and Crackle.com where it received three editor’s choice awards.

Annalee Newitz from www.io9.com wrote, "This cool show, co-created by Mark Roush, is a near-future version of Firefly with scrappy heroes on a brokedown frontier. It's exactly the kind of show that should get picked up by SciFi Channel now that Battlestar Galactica is heading into its final season".

Based upon the recent success of many post-apocalyptic and dystopian-esque stories such as Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”, the feature film Children of Men and the release of Will Smith’s new film, “I am Legend” both Mark Roush and co-creator Greg Demchak believe the market is prime for the return of the post-apocalyptic genre.
Filmed in numerous locations in the Pacific Northwest over the course of eight days. Director Mark Roush wanted to break the paradigm of the post apocalyptic genre and redefine it for a new generation.

In this story, there is no set geographic location for where the series takes place. Creators Mark Roush and Greg Demchak were of firm belief that one of the last places you'd find survivors in a post apocalyptic environment would be in the desert wearing leather jackets and driving around in dune buggies.
They’d be found foraging in the forest, hiding in abandoned factories and struggling to survive in decaying suburban homes.

The structure of the pilot series is designed around three separate stories which intersect and parallel one another. For later episodes there will be numerous sub-plots coming into play -- involving new characters and situations which will have effects on future episodes dealing with our lead characters. Everything is connected... everything has meaning.

Welcome to the wasteland. Enjoy the decay.


Mark Roush - Director
Greg Demchak - Producer
Wasteland Films LLC