February 2nd, 2008


Firefly Players Wanted for New RP!

Jordan College The Rules and Application

Twenty years before the events of The Golden Compass, travelers from every world imaginable are gathering in Asriel's Oxford and under the northern lights of Bolvangar. Rips and tears in the fabric of the multiverse lead them to the world of Lord Asriel, where they are whisked away to Oxford or the frozen North by Asriel's men for purposes unknown. Humans- or at least beings who can pass for human- are taken to Jordan College to assist Asriel's more scholarly efforts. Those different enough to raise eyebrows and attract the all-seeing eye of the Church, however, are shipped to Norroway, among the panserbjørne and witches of the far north.

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We have slots open for all the Firefly characters and would love to see a full cast! Feel free to take this down if it's too off topic, though.