February 6th, 2008

Good news!

Steven Brust's Firefly novel, which has been read to fans at conventions for a while but never published, is now available for downloading here!

There is nothing illegal or even dodgy about this, by the way; it's all under license and above board. So feel free to go and enjoy it!
Firefly Interesting

Guess who I saw on an old episode of Friends?

Okay, you can call me a dork, I don't care. :-) I have a box set with all ten seasons of Friends. I'm currently in the middle of watching them all. I'm at the beginning of season 6 right now. At the end of season 5, Ross and Rachel got drunk in Vegas and got married. So now Ross has to get an annulment. So he goes to see his divorce lawyer. And who is his divorce lawyer? Shepherd Book!

Okay, so that was slightly long-winded and pointless, but I was so excited to see him!