February 13th, 2008

summer kiss

That's us! Sort of...

Here it is. The long awaited, closely guarded secret pose (other info still a secret) for the cover for the third issue of Serenity: Better Days.

manwithpez and I posed for this cover for Adam Hughes at D*C in 2006. He liked our costumes and said that someday they might get to make this series and would we mind posing a few ways for him. Of course! He specifically asked me to cling to Simon happily and longingly. And for Pez to try to be not so into it. He described all the covers to us, but as only two have been released, we cannot comment on the other one at this time.

Adam Hughes is a great guy. If you ever see him at a con, stop to say hi.

ps...you may recognized my purple shirt. teehee. I'm queen of the dorks today!