February 23rd, 2008


In light of the recent Halo 3 references...

I have a friend who I recently introduced to the magic that is Firefly, and he is a big WoW fan. He just sent me this on Facebook-

"i found more firefly references in WoW:

1. you can find a random thing called "Broken Engine Part" which reads "Capissen 38." These are found at the bottom of lakes. ^_^

2. there's an engineer named K. Lee Smallfry. If you talk to her, she says shiny a lot.

3. there's a very rare pet called a "Captured Firefly." It's description is "Still Flying...."

4. there's a weapon called "An Antique Gun." It's description is "the name Lasitor is etched in the side"

5. You can buy Mudder's Milk at certain times of the year.

6. there's two characters in a major city named Mingo and Fanty.

there's also a buffy reference:

you can get a ring called the Seal of Danzalar, and the description reads " From beneath you it devours..."

I thought that was pretty shiny.