March 1st, 2008

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My Own Kind Of Freedom Question

Hello all, I've posted a few times and usually it's weird stuff that people take seriously but this time I have something of a favor to ask.
I just downloaded and printed out "My Own Kind Of Freedom" by Stephen Brust (the Firefly Tie-in novel) and when I put it in it's folder I realized I didn't have any cover art or a back cover blurb/summary thing.
I've taken care of the cover art by drawing a really bad picture of Serenity flying over a planet but can anyone help me with the back cover blurb? I'd like to be able to give a rough idea of what it is I'm reading if I end up reading this at work. Sure, I can say "Uh... it's a novel based off of a tv show" but that probably won't help. And saying "It's a space western" won't be of much help either I figure. So... anybody have a good spoiler free summation of the book that could fit on the back of a book?