March 5th, 2008

Firefly - Badger

A hello and an offering...

Hi there! I have to admit, I think I came into the fandom a bit late but from the moment I watched the first episode I was hooked and quite addicted. 

Lately I've been on a kick of rewatching the series over and over (when I can), particularly the episodes with Badger. I have no clue why I'm suddenly fixated on him and find myself digging up fics about him and even thinking he's rather cute with his "fine hat", accent and rather interesting morals. 

Today I was playing with photoshop and wanted to make an offering. :) 


Anyhoo....nice to be here with everyone!! *waves and goes back to work*

Presumption of Guilt - Chapter 8/13

Title: Presumption of Guilt - Chapter 8
Author: mercsgoodgirl

Summary: Jayne Cobb awaits trial for rape and murder. When Zoe and Kaylee visit the merc to cheer him up, things in Silverton come to a boil as a lynch mob gathers. Later, Wash and Mal sort out some boundaries.

Rating: PG
Characters: Crew, omc, ofc.
Pairing: gen
Warning: graphic violence, profanity and other grown up things.
Spoilers/Timeline: Immediately prior to “The Train Job”.
Setting: In the town of Silverton, on Santo.
Series: Presumption of Guilt
Disclaimer: All belong to Joss. I got nada but imagination.
Words: 2,075

Author's Note: As a kid, my two favorite TV genres were westerns and detective shows. I finally decided to tackle both in a mix I’ve thought of as “Firefly CSI”. Special thanks to maureen and evilmaniclaugh for excellent beta and their gracious guidance and to my own big_bad_man for helping me to pound out this convoluted plot.

If you’re following this tale, I’d really appreciate hearing what you think. Remember, feedback is what writers (and muses) live for. If you’re enjoying this, please pimp it to your friends. Thanks!

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"Hey out there! Am I gettin’ lynched or not?"