March 21st, 2008

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An unmistakable voice

I went into the kitchen a little bit ago to get something to eat. My mom had left the TV on, even though she wasn't in the room. I noticed that it was an episode of Monk, which I've really only seen bits and pieces of. Whatever, I was hungry. I stuck my head in the pantry to dig out a can of soup.

All of a sudden, I heard a very familiar voice. I looked up and who do I see but Badger! It was a nice little moment to brighten my day.

Now I shall go watch A Knight's Tale. I do love Wash!
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Hello! This community looks pretty active and I need some Firefly feedback! I've only watched the series once; my boyfriend's watched it a few times. I wanted to surprise him with the Jayne hat so I took up knitting and did my first project. It's actually in pieces, but for the photo I faked it pretty well I think! The earflaps and pom pom are not attached to the actual hat and the tassles at the end of the flaps aren't finished yet.

Anyway, I found a pattern online, made one, realized it (and the earflaps) looked a little small in proportion to who'd be wearing it so I made it a size larger and improvised to make the earflaps bigger. The only problem is, I'm not sure if it's too out of proportion! Here's a picture:

Does everything look all right or did I goof and make the flaps too big?

Thanks for any input!!