March 25th, 2008

What time is it?

It's California Browncoat Hat-Knitting Time!

Once again, the nonprofit California Browncoats are puttin' out the call for all us BigDamnKnitters to do our thing and make hats for them to have at Comic-Con in July. So, as Fan Outreach Coordinator for the CA Browncoats, I'm reachin' out to each of you!

Proceeds go to helping the CA Browncoats run their website, table at cons, online auctions, get supplies, etc.

Here's the deal:

Hats are donated to the CA Browncoats, which they will sell at their table at Comic-Con. *If you wish to be paid for your hats ($25 per hat)*, please let me know ASAP, as we will need to send you a 1099 form to sign. Otherwise, *Let me know if y'all are just doin' good works by donating your hats to the cause.* Donation = no form needed.

We are in the process of setting up a mailing address, so I will have that info soon to post.

In the meantime, get yer needles started! There will be 120,000 warm bodies at Comic-Con this year. Let's stick a Jayne Hat on each and every head. Including the wee ones, BTW, so children's and baby sizes also welcome!

Ready? Set? KNIT!

Questions? fanoutreach at californiabrowncoats dot org

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ff - look of death

Joss Whedon promotes Rape?

My lj friend chicadilly posted this and I thought I'd share it with ya'll...

A Rapist's View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly

Personally, I think the woman is so far off base she's on planet neptune...a lot of her arguments are based on presumptions, such as, that woman who prostitute themselves are not doing so by choice or that anyone who has sex with a prostitute is a rapist. It is really interesting to see how a person can be so off in understanding the Firefly universe.

Especially since Joss sort of prides himself on making women the heros of his storyline.