March 26th, 2008


Fan Vids

And if your obsessed with Summer Glau I have made some Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fan Vids as well which are also uploaded on youtube and one is on imeem.

Video Title: She's Just A Little Unwell
Song Title/Artist: Matchbox 20 - Unwell
Video Artist: Tweyelite
Source: Firefly, Serenity
Summary: River insane goodness.
Length/Size/Format: 3 min. 50 sec. wmv.
Notes: My first Firefly vid, feedback always welcome.
Vid link:

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Video Title: River: Buddha For Mary
Song Title/Artist: 30 Seconds To Mars - Buddha For Mary
Video Artist: Tweyelite
Source: Firefly, Serenity
Summary: River Narative
Length/Size/Format: 4 min. 43 sec. wmv.
Notes: Feedback always welcome.
Vid link:

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DW Amy

Summer Glau in Vanity Fair (So gorgeous I can't stand it.)

“Since 1992, (Vanity Fair’s) Vanities section has opened with a full-page portrait of a promising young star. In September 2006, we tweaked the format: the Vanities opener now features an up-and-coming actress in a 50s-style pin-up shot.”

For April 2008 the girl is Summer Glau. I really like the concept, and the picture is gorgeous in this way that makes you wish you didn’t mind wearing clear plastic raincoats. But you have to realize that on your own the look might be lacking, almost old-ladyish. Or if you’re a guy, it might look supremely odd (depending on your strut). One thing is clear, Summer looks very different to me in this picture. > more

Summer Glau of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is a Pin-up Girl in Vanity Fair