April 6th, 2008


New Member with Fic

Hi! I've been a fan of Firefly for a long time, but I just found this community through a friend's recommendation. She thought some fellow Browncoats might enjoy the Firefly/Resident Evil fic I'm currently working on, so I've brought over the first two parts and will post the rest as it comes. Let me know what you think!


Title: Truth.
Rating: General
Pairing: Alice/Carlos, Kaylee/Simon
Disclaimer: Characters not mine. No money changing hands. Just for fun.
Summary: The crew of Serenity get a job offer from Claire Redfield, who may know a thing or two about River and the other children - and thinks there are a whole lot of other people in the 'Verse who should know about it too. 
Notes: Takes place in the Firefly 'Verse, after Serenity (the BDM, not the pilot episode - contains potential spoilers from whole series and movie), with RE characterizations from the movie series.

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Firefly/Bob Dylan fanvid challenge

"There has been a challenge."

I was listening to Bob Dylan's song "Dark Eyes" and I thought it would be the perfect music for a Mal-centric fanvid.

However, I seem to be cursed when it comes to editing software--something always happens. (Last time the computer crashed only a moment after I started the program. I didn't even start any projects! Ack!)

So, could someone please make this fanvid, please? You can find the song on iTunes.

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PhyreLight :)
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