April 9th, 2008


Firefly: War Stories RPG

Hi all!

Did you ever wish you could experience the Firefly universe yourself? Did you have thoughts about creating an RPG about that wonderful world? Well, I don`t know when the MMORPG is going to be released, but there is something that can be done right now.

For the last four months I`ve been working on a freeware project called "Firefly: War Stories". It will be the 2D space RPG with arcade elements. My main goal is to save the unique Sci-Fi/Western atmosphere of the show, combining it with the atmosphere of the classical adventure games of the 90s. My platform is Game Maker - don`t laugh, it appears to be more powerful than people who make "my-first-cool-games" can imagine. The release date is not clear yet (approximately late summer).
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