April 18th, 2008


Information from Independence Intelligence -or- I just got an e-mail response from Dark Horse Comics

A couple of days ago, I sent an e-mail to Dark Horse requesting that they consider making Serenity into a monthly comic series like Buffy and Angel instead of a short 3-part issue. Today, I got this response:

Thanks for your interest in Dark Horse and Serenity. We will pass your request on the series editors for consideration. Till then, keep your eyes on the Dark Horse website as you never know when you might see something new:


Have a great day!

Dark Horse Comics

I then pondered the possibility of a ton of browncoat e-mails requesting the same thing and what it could do for our little-spaceship-that-could. If everyone could do that, we could give Serenity enough fuel to get her back into the black in comic book form, and who knows where else that could take us! ;)

So, if you’re in, e-mail Dark Horse at dhcomics@darkhorse.com. And, those of you who are members of other Firefly forums, like whedonequse.com, please pass on the word, and keep flyin’!! :D