May 7th, 2008

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Browncoat Ball Help!


My name is Beth and I am the Chairman of 2008's Browncoat Ball.

I have a favor to ask: We're looking around for the best Firefly/Serenity Fan Videos out. I was wondering if you fine folks could point me in the direction of some fanvids that you love. These would be used for one of our Ball activities, and proper credit would be given.

Thanks in advance, and if you have one you'd like us to potentially use at the Ball, email me at beth at austinbrowncoats dot com.

Check out the event at:

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The Passion/Pop Gulf

As a browncoat, and a fanboy in general I sometimes find things that make me go "hmm" and want to share them.  An article published primarily for marketing people, but with broader pop-culture ties (referenced here) talks about the overlap between those that are passionate about something and those that consider that thing "popular".

Now apply this to Firefly/Serenity:
* It is Joss (Passion)
* It is Science Fiction (Popular)
* It has Western overtones (used to be popular, but is now just passion)
* It was moved around on the schedule(Passion)
* It was shown out of order (Passion)
* The movie had a limited marketing budget (passion)
* The DVD Sales are largely word-of-mouth driven (Passion)

What we have is something that is peaked mostly on Passion, but tipping into the gap between passion and popular.  As Firefly and Serenity become more popular it will lose some of its appeal for the passionate.  Let's be honest, many of us are drawn to it because of its 'fringe' appeal in the first place.

We all want FF/S to be popular because that will drive more production.  But we also need to be aware that as it approaches popularity, the audience will change and the nature of that which we love may change.  It may be that in order for it to be truly huge it can't have Browncoats (There's a hypothesis I hope never proves true!).  It just interested me that what the article seems to suggest is that the FF/S that we share collectively may never be expanded beyond our fan-produced offerings because in order to make it worthwhile to the money-people it might alienate the very consumers that sustain it.

Just food for thought.

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