June 3rd, 2008

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Shepherd Book

I was wondering if any more knowledgeable fans could direct me on where to look for quotes by Joss about Book. I don't have The Official Companion, so if there are some important quotes in there, maybe you could write a couple short ones out for me? It's been a while since I've watched the DVD commentaries, so I'm not sure which ones might have someone talking about Book's character. Also any online interviews would be good as well. I'm mostly interested in things that talk about the religious aspect of the character. Thanks!
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a question about planets

I moved recently and misplaced my Firefly RPG book, which I use for info about the various planets for my fic. Can someone give me the name of one (besides Persephone) that is a Rim world, but more civilized than say, Whitefall or the planet that Safe took place on that I can't remember the name of right at this exact moment. I need someplace that might have some larger, more settled towns where a certain doctor might feel comfortable settling down in if he decided to leave Serenity. Any help would be greatly appreciated!